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I just made a tumblr and twitter account where I will mostly put sketches and works in progress. If you are interested, you can find them here:

In other news, Trespasser is the project I chose for my comic, so you can expect a lot of art related to this in the next months. That and few drawings of Marine here and there ;)
I really appreciate it :)
However, I have no idea how I can find the person who suggested it! Anyone can help me with that?

I'm currently working on comic stories, reading about structure and writing down stuff. So do not despair, you will see a finished product by me, I swear. :)
Happy new year everyone! I hope you will have a good time.

I almost failed every goal I had in the art department in 2009, so I hope I'll be more productive for 2010. (okay, I did other things, but none of the drawings I was supposed to =P )

I wanted to try something different for this year, so I decided I wanted to do a webcomic (Strangely I need deadlines to be productive). I have three project and my goal for this year is to narrow it down to one.

Two or three month ago, I started filling sketchbooks with research for the different settings, environments, costumes and characters. I placed the first pages in the scrapbook section of my gallery, for those interested (… ,… ,… ). I will also try and do some test pages for each project, to see what I like drawing best. I think it will be fun :)

And I will definitely finish the painting of my dreadnought figurine! Go Space Marines!

Again, happy new year and have fun :)

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My previous journal entry was so old, that I believe a rift in the space-time continuum made it older than DA itself. Someone I won't name kept nagging me about my pre-historic journal but I had no idea what to put here until now. Yes I could have simply deleted it but that dinosaur grew on me :). So this journal will be a list of things I would like to post in my DA gallery and it will stay there until I have done it all! My guess is that it will get older than the previous one.

-Finish that Exalted pseudo digital painting I started a while ago.
-Do some decent concept art of Dimitri (the second main character in my Marine story).
-A Dune Fan art.
-A fan art of characters of The Watch from Terry Pratchett Discworld Books.

That's it folks!
Don't forget to pay those two a visit, they are awesomely awesome! (I love that word and I've been watching much Chuck these days)

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The previous entry was a little outdated so I figured I had to replace it.
I wont be able to do commissions anymore, due to a full time job, a couple of personal projects and my video game addiction (which is not as bad as it was a while ago).

That's about it for now, have fun and enjoy life!

As always, dont forget to pay a visit to the other 2 members of the bear flanks hunting curly musketeers: :iconeve-bolt: :iconlelenia:
Hey there people!

Summer is long, I'm still looking for a job and I'm pretty much done with updating my portfolio. I think it's time I start getting into doing commissions a bit more seriously (to draw something different and make money while I'm at it!).

Here is a price chart, to make things easier. (Prices are in USD)
Character (full body) – BW: 20$, coloured: 30$
With a Background – BW: +10$, coloured: +20$

+5$ per BW extra (animal companion, other character, simple vehicle)
+10$ per coloured extra.

If you are interested, just send me a note or an email, with the mode of payment you prefer, and I'll reply quickly.

The 2 other members of the curly triumvirate
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Woah.. My film is finished and school is almost over... forever. Weird feeling. I'll start drawing more and more,especially concepts for personnal projects and maybe that Heavyweight comic I started some time ago. That is... until I find a job. I'll also try to reply to comments more than I usually do (because I'm a very lazy person when it comes to that).
I'm also open to comissions if anyone had the crazy idea of asking me for one.

Have fun!

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After 17 weeks of school... the winter holidays! Yahooo! I really shouldn't call it a break though because I have so much to do during this month! 2 weeks of personal projects and 2 weeks I'll have to get back to school to start to animate for my movie. At least I won't feel guilty playing video games instead of doing something constructive! hehehe!

If you have time, pay a visit to the 2 other members of the curly musketeers! :
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there are so many cool people I should put in here...
Yeah summer time and vacations at long last, one month later than usual thanks to the strike...
I'll use this time to draw a lot, because the two next terms at school will be pretty busy, so might as well not waste this precious free time :)

As I have now the time, I'll also be open for commissions. So if you would like anything from an original sketch to a more complex piece, send me an email at, and we'll discuss the pricing.

I also hope Guild wars will not eat my brain, this game is to addictive!

If you have time, pay a visit to the 2 other members of the curly musketeers! :
:iconeve-bolt: :iconlelenia:
I got two weeks before school starts again. Two weeks without homework! That's two week in which I'll try to draw as much as possible anything, not school related!
... and maybe a little video gaming here and there... hehe

Pay a visit to these people if you have time!
The 2 other members of the curly musketeers! : :iconeve-bolt: :iconlelenia:

I'll be putting links to school mates and friendly people from DA soon too.
It's been a while since I posted anything on my gallery. I was not dead (or at least I don't think so...), neither was I on a trip to Cuba.

I did not post anything, colour anything, because my computer was not there. It was not there because it was stolen, who probably lives in the same bloc.
Cons of having you computer stolen:
- Losing a couple of recent drawings, saved games and anything you didn't back up.
- Losing the computer itself (it was a laptop: easy to steal, easy to sell and cost a lot of money :( )
- The insurances only covers the material goods: bye-bye 300$ futureshop warranty..
- And dreams about setting the blocs and their crazy denizens aflame...

- My new computer (hurray for insurances) is way better than the old one.

I'm thinking about sticking a note that reads: 'please do backups before you steal' on this one.